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Zimmer Biomet and Apple, Inc. have teamed up to set a new standard in digital health by creating mymobility, a digital platform using iPhone and Apple Watch to inform care decisions and create a new level of connection between patients and their surgeons.

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Why mymobility?

  • Self-directed in-app video exercises allow reduced supervised physical therapy to qualified* patients.
  • Supports PROMs required quality metric tracking.
  • Messaging by text, video or picture is intended to support the patient experience and reduce costs of potential unnecessary visits.
  • Physiologic tracking provides the clinician with insights into their patients’ recovery.

mymobility with Apple Watch is an orthopedic care management system designed to help you and your care team deliver a personalized surgical experience to qualified patients*. It provides the capability to create procedure-specific protocols and monitor patient engagement, PROMs, activity level and compliance.

mymobility helps support patients throughout their surgical preparation and recovery by using iPhone and Apple Watch or other supported Android mobile devices. It tracks their progress and provides clinical and operational insights on:

mymobility watch screens
  • Patient steps
  • Flights climbed
  • Resting heart rate
  • Heart rate variability??
  • Stand hours
  • Exercise completion
  • Walking heart rate average?
  • Engagement with education

This patient management dashboard delivers passively collected data that can be used to track patient progression throughout the episode of care. Additionally, it can provide information to identify patients who aren’t engaged or as active as you would like.

mymobility with Apple Watch was created to improve the orthopedic patient experience and help clinicians efficiently manage their patients care. This platform delivers patient-friendly procedural education, answers to commonly asked questions, and exercises based on an individual treatment protocol. This allows patients to understand their condition and take an active role in optimizing their surgical experience. ?mymobility also enables easy, 2-way messaging with pictures, videos and text to answer patient questions that are not captured by in-app content.

The mymobility clinician dashboard allows you to monitor each patient’s data remotely before and after surgery to identify patients who may need extra attention. The app also allows you to message your patients by text, video or picture so you can check on their progress, answer questions and help them stay on track without scheduling a phone call or appointment. By continuing to support patients outside of the surgical event, you are able to reduce the variability of care and utilize this tool to support overall patient satisfaction.?



  • Total Knee
  • Partial Knee
  • Total Hip
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Meniscus repair
  • ACL

Informing care decisions through digital health

  • Consistently manages the full episode of care
    • Supports patient satisfaction
    • Minimizes out-of-pocket expenses**
    • Differentiates surgical practice

Additional Information

Learn more about what mymobility can do for you.

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Request More Information

*Patients must have their own compatible mobile device to use mymobility; visit support.accelerohealth.com/mymobility to see compatible systems. Not all patients are candidates for unsupervised physical therapy and surgeons need to evaluate which patients are appropriate candidates for this pathway.
** Clinical results and patient satisfaction data have not been collected/evaluated from patients using mymobility; clinical studies are underway.
Apple, Apple Watch and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
This material is intended for healthcare professionals. The Zimmer Biomet Connected Health mymobility Application.
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